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Other News

Panoramic Resources: Response to IGO Statement re proposed lapse of offer - released 27 December
Panoramic Resources: Receipt of Independent Expert's Report - released 23 December
Resolute Mining: Ravenswood Plant Expansion Completed - released 23 December
Resolute Mining: Syama Roaster Fully Operational - released 20 December
Panoramic Resources: IGO: Off market takeover bid for PAN - Extension of offer period - released 17 December
Panoramic Resources: Finalisation of Independent Expert's Report - released 16 December
Resolute Mining: Strategic Review of Bibiani Gold Mine - released 13 December
Resolute Mining: Excellent Drilling Results at Syama Satellites in Mali - released 12 December
Resolute Mining: Syama roaster repairs completed - released 10 December
Panoramic Resources: Completion of Institutional Component, Retail Offer Booklet and Target's Statement - released 9 December
Panoramic Resources: Entitlement Offer and Presentation - released 5 December
Panoramic Resources: Board Unanimously Recommends Rejection of IGO Offer - released 5 December
Resolute Mining: Excellent Drilling Results at Mako Gold Mine in Senegal - released 5 December
Panoramic Resources: Savannah North Update and Operational Review Outcomes - released 4 December
Panoramic Resources: Update on IGO Offer, Operational Review and Funding - released 25 November
Resolute Mining: Syama Power Plant Update - released 25 November
Panoramic Resources: IGO 1st Supplementary Bidder's Statement - released 22 November
Panoramic Resources: Update on IGO Offer and Due Diligence - released 22 November
Panoramic Resources: Chairman's AGM Address and Presentation - released 19 November
GME Resources: AGM Presentation and Results - released 18 November
Resolute Mining: Syama Sulphide Circuit Update - released 18 November
Panoramic Resources: Update on Savannah Project and IGO Offer - released 14 November
Panoramic Resources: Update on unsolicited Takeover Offer from IGO - released 12 November
Zeta Resources: Response to Independence Group Takeover Offer for Panoramic Resources - amended 12 November
Panoramic Resources: Statement by Zeta Resources on IGO Takeover Offer - released 8 November
Copper Mountain Mining: Q3 2019 Financial Results - released 4 November
Panoramic Resources: Board Restructure - released 4 November
Panoramic Resources: Off-market takeover bid for Panoramic Resources - released 4 November
Panoramic Resources: Quarterly Report - released 31 October
Resolute Mining: Quarterly Activities Report - released 31 October
GME Resources: Quarterly Activities Report and Cashflow - released 29 October
Copper Mountain Mining: Larger Mineral Reserve - released 28 October
Resolute Mining: Syama Sulphide Circuit Update - released 25 October
Panoramic Resources: New Managing Director and CEO Appointed - released 23 October
Resolute Mining: Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting - released 22 October
Panoramic Resources: Notice of AGM - released 18 October
Panoramic Resources: Annual Report - released 18 October
GME Resources: Notice of AGM - released 17 October
GME Resources: Annual Report - released 17 October
Copper Mountain Mining: Addition to Eva Copper Mineral Resource - released 15 October
Panoramic Resources: Preliminary September 2019 Quarterly Statistics
Panoramic Resources: Savannah North Drilling and Development Update - released 10 October
Resolute Mining: Syama Sulphide Circuit Update - released 10 October
Panoramic Resources: New Non-Executive Director - released 8 October
Resolute Mining: Production Update Sept Quarter - released 7 October
Panoramic Resources: Chairman to Retire at 2019 AGM - released 4 October
Panoramic Resources: Sale of Thunder Bay North - Definitive Agreement Extension - released 3 October
Panoramic Resources: Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves as at 30 June 2019 - released 30 September
Saracen Mineral Holdings: Annual Report - released 6 September
Panoramic Resources: Underwritten Pro-rata Rights Issue - released 5 September
Panoramic Resources: Sale of Thunder Bay North Project - Amending Agreement - released 3 September
Panoramic Resources: Savannah Operations Update and Project Loan Amendments - released 3 September
Panoramic Resources: Full Year Results - released 30 August
Resolute Mining: Half Year Financial Results - released 30 August
Resolute Mining: Ravenswood Upgrade Commences - released 28 August
Panoramic Resources: Senior Management Refresh - released 20 August
Saracen Mineral Holdings: FY2019 Results - Record profit as production rises and costs fall - released 19 August
Resolute Mining: Resolute takes control of Toro Gold - released 5 August
Copper Mountain Mining: Q2 2019 Financial Results - released 1 August
Bligh Resources: Takeover offer unconditional - released 31 July
Bligh Resources: Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports - released 31 July
Panoramic Resources: Quarterly Report June - released 30 July
Resolute Mining: Quarterly Activities Report - released 30 July
GME Resources: Quarterly Report and Cashflow June - released 23 July
Resolute Mining: Major Resource and Reserve Upgrade for Ravenswood - released 22 July
Panoramic Resources: Sale of Thunder Bay PGM Project - released 2 July
Resolute Mining: Syama underground achieves commercial production rates - released 27 June
Resolute Mining: Resolute to list on London Stock Exchange - released 18 June
Panoramic Resources: Results of General Meeting - released 14 June
Bligh Resources: Withdrawal of Entitlement Offer and Takeover bid for Bligh - released 14 June
Copper Mounting Mining: Results of AGM - released 13 June
Resolute Mining: Resolute tops up A$ gold hedge book
Resolute Mining: Additional Ravenswood Leases Granted - released 13 June
Copper Mountain Mining: Notice of AGM incl Management Proxy Circular and Addendum - released 22 May
Resolute Mining: Results of AGM - released 21 May
Resolute Mining: AGM CEO Presentation - released 20 May
Bligh Resources: Entitlement Offer Document - released 15 May
Resolute Mining: New Ravenswood Mining Leases Granted - released 14 May
Panoramic Resources: Notice of General Meeting - released 10 May
Panoramic Resources: Quarterly Report to 31 March - released 30 April
Resolute Mining: Quarterly Activities Report - released 30 April
Copper Mountain Mining: Q1 2019 Financial Results - released 29 April
Resolute Mining: Tabakoroni Resource Update - released 29 April
Bligh Resources: Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports - released 24 April
GME Resources: Quarterly Report and Cashflow March - released 18 April
Resolute Mining: New Mining Convention and extended Mining Permit for Syama - released 18 April
Resolute Mining: Annual Report 2018 - released 16 April
Panoramic Resources: Pro-Rata Entitlement Offer Closure and Notice of Shortfall - released 10 April
Resolute Mining: Production Update March Quarter - released 8 April
GME Resources: Renounceable Entitlement Issue to raise $1.3m - released 5 April
Panoramic Resources: Savannah Operations Update - released 4 April
GME Resources: Half Yearly Report and Accounts - released 14 March
Panoramic Resources: Placement and Underwritten Rights Issue - released 11 March
Panoramic Resources: Savannah Operations Update and Amendments to Project Loan - released 6 March
Panoramic Resources: Half-year Results and Commentary Dec18 - released 1 March
Copper Mountain Mining: New Integrated Mining Plan - released 25 February
Resolute Mining: Financial Results Summary six months ended 31Dec18 - released 22 February
Copper Mountain Mining: Full Year Statutory Accounts - released 15 February
Panoramic Resources: Savannah First Revenue - released 14 February
Resolute Mining: Annual Ore Reserve and Mineral Resource Statement - released 13 February
Panoramic Resources: Quarterly Report to 31 December - released 29 January
Resolute Mining: Quarterly Activities Report 31 December - released 29 January
Panoramic Resources: Savannah Recommissioning Update - released 15 January
Copper Mountain MiningQ4 Production Results - released 9 January
Resolute Mining: Production Update - released 7 January
Copper Mountain Mining: Change in substantial holding from ZER - released 2 January